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At Medicaid Application Processing Services (MAPS), we understand the importance of your family member's happiness and well-being as they adjust to a new living situation. We work with Alabama Family Trust, attorneys, and individuals to ensure the application process moves quickly once all Medicaid asset requirements have been met. We also work with local nursing homes to assist in finding the perfect nursing home to help your loved one during this difficult time. 

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"...The MAPS team is very professional, quick response time, extremely knowledgeable, & caring. I would definitely recommend them for anyone going through the Medicaid process." - Joe H.




Medicaid Application Processing Services, LLC ("MAPS") is family owned  small business in Alabama dedicated to helping families file for Medicaid benefits associated with elderly nursing home costs. We strive to help the families meet existing Medicaid asset criteria by explaining the details so the family can understand what is required to be approved by Medicaid.  We work hand in hand with the family as we move forward in the process.


Our Medicaid application specialist has 17 years of experience working with and filing Medicaid for elderly nursing home clients.  MAPS works with the Alabama Family Trust, attorneys, nursing homes and individuals to insure the application is filed quickly once the individual Claimant has met all Medicaid asset requirements. It is our goal to take the stress off the families during the application process.


We would never have succeeded without Pam. She stayed on top of every request. She's incredibly knowledgeable and handled everything with absolute professionalism. Pam and her team at Medicaid Application Processing Services are truly a blessing to work with. Going with Pam and her team was one of, if not the, best decision we've made. We appreciated all of her help and recommend her to anyone and everyone.

- Greg


As my father was needed to be moved into a nursing home we realized that within a short time he was going to need to be on Medicaid. As I started working on the application for Medicaid, I realized the process is a bureaucratic monster and desperately needing help, Pam and her team with Medicaid Application Processing Services was recommended. I tell everyone Medicaid is not something you want to tackle alone and there are way too many mines in the Medicaid minefield that can financially hinder your loved ones. Every Medicaid case is unique, her wide knowledge of Medicaid helped us navigate through the process. The MAPS team is very professional, quick response time, extremely knowledgeable, & caring. I would definitely recommend them for anyone going through the Medicaid process.

- Joe H. 


Let me just tell you you want this team leading the way for you. We were lost in the woods had everyone telling us what we should be doing and they had no clue. Then came Pam and her team and have been a blessing. Its nice to know your loved ones are in good hands with knowledge able staff that have the answers. I will tell everyone about what our family has been through and how Pam has helped us. Dont be like us call Pam today.

- Thomas G.  


As an elder law attorney, I consult with many families confused about Medicaid. I refer     th​em to Pam for her expert guidance in the application process. Pam is helpful, informative, responsive and has more experience working with Medicaid than anyone else in the area. She is an obvious choice for anyone needing cost-effective assistance in getting Medicaid benefits. If Pam gets Medicaid approved for a family two months sooner than they could have, she has saved them $12,000 to $16,000! Medicaid applications are not easy. Save money and save time by hiring an expert!”


Elder Law Attorney

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Medicaid Application Processing Services is a BBB accredited business. 

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